Howto enable Bird debug messages (DBG)

Vonlanthen, Elmar Elmar.Vonlanthen at
Tue Dec 1 09:02:56 CET 2009

Hello all

How can I enable the debug messages, printed with the macro DBG?

I tried with:
./configure --enable-debug

and adding:
  if test "$enable_debug" = yes ; then
          cat >>confdefs.h <<\_ACEOF
  #define DEBUGGING 1
+ #define LOCAL_DEBUG 1
+ #define GLOBAL_DEBUG 1

and starting with:
bird -d ...
bird -d -D /var/log/bird.debug

But I never see the messages printed with "DBG".
For example:
sysdep/unix/main.c:  DBG("Initializing.\n");

What do I do wrong?

I use bird 1.1.6 on a Gentoo Linux system.

Thanks for any help.

Best regards
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