Neighbor state remains in exchange or loading

Vonlanthen, Elmar Elmar.Vonlanthen at
Wed Dec 16 07:15:25 CET 2009

Hi Ondrej

> > But unfortunately the problem with neighbor state remaining in
> > "exchange" seems to be another problem.
> > In this case I don't see any LSA packets, only hello packets.
> Yes, that is probably completely different problem. But you should see
> at least some DBDES packets when neighbor state became "exchange". If
> you have enabled logging of events and packets, these should 
> be in BIRD
> log (messages like "DBDES packet received from").
> Could you send me that part of log?

Hm, one time I had the problem with "exchange" again, but since then not
anymore. Perhaps there was another problem in the environment.

> If one side is stuck in "exchange" state, what is the state
> of the other side?

In this case, the other side has the state "full".

With your latest patch everything seems to be fine now. I would let you
know the problem apears again.

Thanks for your good work.

Best regards
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