Syntax error on BIRD Configuratrion

Mo Shivji moyaze at
Fri Jan 16 16:10:37 CET 2009


I am in the process of testing BIRD and am having a problem with
starting BIRD with a simple BGP peering configuration

I get this error when I load the configuration,

$bird# /sbin/bird -c bird.conf
bird: bird.conf, line 21: syntax error

This is my configuration,
$bird # more bird.conf
router id;

protocol kernel {
        persist;                # Don't remove routes on BIRD shutdown
        scan time 20;           # Scan kernel routing table every 20 seconds
        export all;             # Default is export none

protocol device {
        scan time 20;           # Scan interfaces every 10 seconds
protocol direct {
        interface "*";

protocol bgp {
        local as 8714;
        neighbor as 1234;
        source address;
        import all;

The errors says there is a a systax error where I I specify the neighbor
that my server peers with. I can not see anything wrong here. Am I
missing something ?


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