bird as route-server

Harald Michl harald.michl at
Tue Jan 20 15:00:45 CET 2009

I'm new to the list and new to bird, but know a little bit about bgp  
and what i want:

I want to use bird as a route-server in an ixp environment. If I  
configure a peer as rc client, i get a syntax-error at "rs client;".  
The config command should exist according to the documentation... I  
append the peer-config. Has anyone a hint?
I use Version 1.0.11-4.

thanks for your answers,

protocol bgp AS64002 {
         local as 64000;
         neighbor as 64002;
         rs client;
         hold time 240;
         startup hold time 240;
         connect retry time 120;
         keepalive time 80;      # defaults to hold time / 3
         start delay time 5;     # How long do we wait before initial  
         error wait time 60, 300;# Minimum and maximum time we wait  
after an error (when consecutive
                                 # errors occur, we increase the delay  
exponentially ...
         error forget time 300;  # ... until this timeout expires)
         next hop self;          # Disable next hop processing and  
always advertise our local address as nexthop
         path metric 1;          # Prefer routes with shorter paths  
(like Cisco does)
         default bgp_med 0;      # MED value we use for comparison  
when none is defined
         default bgp_local_pref 100;     # The same for local preference
         source address;    # What local address we use  
for the TCP connection
         export all;

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