bird 1.5.0-4 ospf Inactivity timer expired.

Andrey Kitsul a.kitsul at
Mon Oct 26 10:25:05 CET 2015

When I disabled bgp_avantel & bgp_megacop then CPU load decreased and 
OSPF is stabilized.

26.10.2015 14:47, Andrey Kitsul пишет:
> Hello,
> I have three Ubuntu physical machines with quagga (ospf area0/bgp with 
> full route table on 2-4 uplink) and one whit bird (ospf only).
> On one of the routers (ospf/bgp) replace quagga on bird. Configuration 
> bird attachment.
> After replacing the CPU load there is increased by 10-15%. On top Bird 
> periodically consumes up to 90% of the CPU, and at a given time is 
> restarted ospf: Inactivity timer expired for nbr.
> On one interfaces eth1.2508 to another bird router, I increased the 
> Dead interval to 10 seconds. And it helped.
> What could be my problem? Large filters BGP, smallest ospf hello/dead 
> interval or something else?
> One of restarts occurred at 13:13:13, OSPF trace in attachment, OSPF 
> net packet in attachment.
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