bird 1.5.0-4 ospf Inactivity timer expired.

Andrey Kitsul a.kitsul at
Mon Oct 26 11:48:13 CET 2015


If I do not need to import routes from kernel to bird, can I disable the 
import and learn for kernel protocol?
What more will it affect or periodic scans will still cause a load on 
the CPU?

26.10.2015 16:32, Ondrej Zajicek пишет:
> On Mon, Oct 26, 2015 at 02:47:56PM +0600, Andrey Kitsul wrote:
>> Hello,
>> I have three Ubuntu physical machines with quagga (ospf area0/bgp with full
>> route table on 2-4 uplink) and one whit bird (ospf only).
>> On one of the routers (ospf/bgp) replace quagga on bird. Configuration bird
>> attachment.
>> After replacing the CPU load there is increased by 10-15%. On top Bird
>> periodically consumes up to 90% of the CPU, and at a given time is restarted
>> ospf: Inactivity timer expired for nbr.
>> On one interfaces eth1.2508 to another bird router, I increased the Dead
>> interval to 10 seconds. And it helped.
>> What could be my problem? Large filters BGP, smallest ospf hello/dead
>> interval or something else?
> Hello
> You could try to enable 'debug latency' option and optionally set
> 'debug latency limit' to see which events cause latency issues.
> If you export complete BGP kernel table to the kernel, i would guess  the
> issue is caused by periodic scan of kernel routing table by the kernel
> protocol. For full BGP table it may took time in order of seconds, which
> may interfere with low OSPF dead time limits.

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