bird 1.5.0-4 ospf Inactivity timer expired.

Andrey Kitsul a.kitsul at
Wed Oct 28 09:23:33 CET 2015

Hello, Ondrej,

Is it possible to increase priority the processing ospf packets over 
other processes?

26.10.2015 19:47, Ondrej Zajicek пишет:
> On Mon, Oct 26, 2015 at 05:40:08PM +0600, Andrey Kitsul wrote:
>> Why ospf restart? Dead interval 4sec not been reached.
> Well, it is counted from the last received hello, so you have to add 'packets'
> to OSPF debug to see when it started.
> Also timers in BIRD have generally second granularity, so 4 sec timer may
> timeout in some cases in 3.1 sec. And there is also one minor bug that may
> cause some timers to te triggered ~1 s earlier.
> So all these factors together, 4 s (or smaller) dead timers in BIRD
> may be unreliable. I would suggest at least 8-10 s.

Andrey Kitsul

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