Version 2.0.0

Ondrej Filip feela at
Mon Dec 11 10:11:03 CET 2017

Dear BIRD users,
It took a long time, but it happened. Let me announce a new final
version 2.0.0!

Please test it and send some feedback.

We will provide packages later.


Version 2.0.0 (2017-12-11)
  o Integrated IPv4 + IPv6 design
  o Support for MPLS next hops
  o Support for VPNv4 and VPNv6 networks
  o Microsecond timers infrastructure
  o Basic VRF support
  o Babel: Support for dual-stack IPv4/IPv6
  o Babel: Many improvements and bugfixes
  o Major BGP protocol redesign
  o Full support for Multiprotocol BGP
  o BGP multicast support (SAFI 2)
  o BGP flowspec support (RFC 5575)
  o BGP with MPLS labels (RFC 3107)
  o BGP MPLS/VPN support (RFC 4364)
  o BGP 6PE - IPv6 NLRI over IPv4 MPLS (RFC 4798)
  o BGP IPv4 NLRI with an IPv6 Next Hop (RFC 5549)
  o BGP Confederations (RFC 5065)
  o BGP Shutdown communication (RFC 8203)
  o BGP: Allow exchanging LOCAL_PREF with eBGP peers
  o BGP: Allow to specify interface for regular sessions
  o OSPF: Support of address families in OSPFv3
  o OSPF: Enable ECMP and Link detection by default
  o RAdv: Support for more specific routes (RFC 4191)
  o RAdv: Proper handling of prefix retraction
  o RIP: Enable ECMP and Link detection by default
  o Redesign of RPKI handling
  o New RPKI-Router protocol
  o Static: Minor overhaul
  o Static: Support for all new route types
  o Kenrel: Default Linux kernel metric changed to 32
  o Kernel: Fix IPv6 ECMP handling with Linux 4.11+
  o Update of show route command
  o BIRD client persistent history
  o New build system
  o Unit tests


  Tables are now defined with appropriate net type keyword. Protocols
  and tables are now connected by explicit channels, most related
  protocol options (table, import, export, ...) are now channel
  options. See doc/bird.conf.example2 for configuration examples. Some
  options were removed/replaced.

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