is there a better way to get aliases sent

Jerry Scharf jerry at
Tue Jan 3 17:20:24 CET 2017


I am running bird on a bunch of border machines. We have a local 172.16 
net that connects the border machines with the edge routers who  peer 
with the ISPs. The borders have a whole bunch of host aliases that they 
answer for and want to ibgp advertise those to the edge routers. The 
borders have dual network connections to the edge to reduce single point 
of failure situations.

I did the classic attach the host addresses to the loopback address so 
if an interface goes down the host aliases don't. The problem is that 
these don't get inserted into the kernel routing table automatically. To 
get around this I put a static route via "lo" for each one in bird.

It works but is a pain because I have to keep the startup config files 
and bird in sync. I am dealing with over 100 aliases, so the opportunity 
for error is significant. I have written some simple automation to help, 
but before I live with this I want to see if there is a better way to do 


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