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On Wed, Jan 18, 2017 at 06:20:53PM +0100, Maximilian Wilhelm wrote:
> Hi,
> Are there any means to build something like that? Like having some
> defaults in the main config and re-set these values later on (in other
> config snippets)?  If I would generate the defines by a script I would
> have some time where this part might be missing (like on first install)
> and my config would fail to load as the defines are referenced but not
> defined.


Yes, defines are constants. There are some ugly tricks how to do that [*],
but i would strongly suggest just to ensure there is always a generated
script with defines.

Note that if the script referenced by include does not exist, config
also fails. That could be avoided by using wildcard in include.

[*] e.g. use function variables instead of constants:

function get_val()
int val;
	val = 0;
	include "val.conf*";
	return val;

or use that include may appear inside of expressions:

define val = (1 ~ [
include "val.conf*";
0 ]);

(val is either false or true, depending of whether it expands to 1 ~ [0]
or 1 ~ [1, 0]; you would have to add comma to the value in included file)

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