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Ondrej Zajicek santiago at
Tue Jan 24 15:13:52 CET 2017

On Tue, Jan 24, 2017 at 02:27:11PM +0100, Robert Sander wrote:
> In a function in a filter like this:
> print bgp_community;
> print bgp_large_community;
> Self defined variables like "lc set test" can be printed with
> print test;
> without issues.
> Wait a minute. If I only get "(lclist )" does that mean the
> community list is empty?

That should be true. Unfortunately filters do not distinguish between no
bgp_community attribute and an empty bgp_community attribute.

> When I have a look at the route from the CLI I get this:
> BIRD 1.6.3 ready.
>     via on br0.17 [ospf1 23:01:29] * E2 (1000/1000/10000) []
> 	Type: OSPF-E2 unicast univ
> 	OSPF.metric1: 1000
> 	OSPF.metric2: 10000
> 	OSPF.tag: 0x00000000
> 	OSPF.router_id:
>                    unreachable [static_bgp 23:15:16] (10)
> 	Type: static unicast univ
> 	BGP.large_community: (199118, 1, 0)
> The route is in a static protocol on this router and on,
> which propagates this via OSPF.

Well i see two routes here, one from ospf1 and one from static_bgp. Don't
you apply the filter just for the first one? That would be true in say
export filter. You could add 'print proto;' to see the protocol source
of the route.

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