manipulating the best path, eBGP, MED?

Thomas@PhaseHosting thomas at
Tue Mar 7 01:27:36 CET 2017


I implemented bird in our Private cloud running proxmox to distribute 
our public address with eBGP to our serverhost.

Through iBGP and a ucarp interface i have a HA gateway, the problem is 
that our host receives the routes but there are multiple entry points to 
our subnet ( the proxmox hosts). This makes that a diffrent in & out 
route doenst work. through following link: 
I learned that my hosts selects its route based on age ( the bird with 
the first connection is chosen).

Can i send a multi-exit discriminator with my eBGP connection to my 
host? I googled but could find 2 answers that did't change anything:

# your default gateway IP below here
protocol bgp eBGP {
import none;
export  where proto = "static_packet";
local as 65000;
neighbor 10.80.x.x as 65530;
password "SECRET";
#med metric 10;
#default bgp_med 10;

(offcourse i tried both without # and waited till export)

Or is there an other way to make sure that our host routes always to the 
first server and so on.

Thomas Valgaeren
thomas at

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