Hardware requirements for BIRD

Clément Guivy clement at guivy.fr
Tue Mar 7 14:57:13 CET 2017

Hello, I am considering the setup of BIRD as a router to handle our internet
traffic. One information I fail to find is hardware requirements. My use
case is as follows :

-          Two transit providers, each sending a full internet view

-          Two peerings on an IXP (less than 100k routes each)

-          One iBGP session between the two BIRD routers

-          One eBGP session to our internal network (advertising a default
route and receiving less than 500 internal routes)

-          Traffic would be less than 1Gbps but as I understand it, this is
relevant to forwarding plane and therefore out of the scope of BIRD.


Which kind of hardware would be fit for that ? especially regarding CPU and
RAM. I was considering an entry-level server with low-end Xeon CPU (E5-2603,
1.7Ghz 6 cores) and 8GB RAM, does that look sufficient, insufficient, or
overkill ? I can’t really tell. By the way, is BIRD able to use multiple
cores ? and are there hardware requirements to be careful of, disregard CPU
and RAM ?






Clément Guivy


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