additional attributes of static routes

Anton Danilov littlesmilingcloud at
Tue Mar 7 18:01:53 CET 2017

Hello folks.
I have a strange desire to set the bgp community to static routes to
implement the advanced route policy on my border router.
I've written this configuration of additional static protocol with
only default route to advertise it to other peers:

protocol static def_route
    route reject;
    import filter {
        bgp_community.add((135402, 101));
        bgp_community.add((135402, 211));

But I don't see any communities on this route in the master RIB:

bird> show route all for table master          unreachable [def_route 2017-02-26] ! (200)
        Type: static unicast univ

So my question is simple: can I implement this behaviour (set
attributes on static routes) this way?


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