multithreading ospf

Jan Matejka jan.matejka at
Sun Mar 12 21:33:29 CET 2017

On 03/12/2017 11:39 AM, Fernando Galvão wrote:
>> Hello guys, I wanted your help to validate if the bird with ospf is
>> running with multi thread. I have a dell r410 server with 2 x56 quad
>> core xeon processors totaling 16 cores. This server was serving pppoe
>> server with accel-ppp + quagga ospf v4 / v6 with route summarization.
>> With 2,000 sessions and going on around 1GB, the quagga process blew
>> the cpu and all sessions were disconnected. The problem is that the
>> quagga is single core so it uses only one core. Looking, I've seen
>> that the bird is multi-core. I started to run, I have 2,200 pppoe
>> sessions but still early to get high traffic, I'm passing 300MB and
>> the bird has peaks in a 25% core. I would like to know if I have
>> validate that it is distributing the process between CPUs? Or if you
>> have any configuration for this.

Bird is single-threaded. Only when BFD is used, Bird spawns a separate
thread for it as the main internal timer is too slow for BFD.

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