Multi core validate ospf

Fernando Galvão fernando at
Wed Mar 15 01:07:48 CET 2017

What can i do to improve cpu consumption. With 1gb traffic, 2,000 sessions pppoe the bird and bird6 has peaks in a core 80% cpu.

2x xeon 2.4ghz quadcore 12mb cache l2.

In the bird I use only ospf and ospf

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> Em 13 de mar de 2017, às 06:37, Stuart Henderson <stu at> escreveu:
>> On 2017/03/12 07:43, Fernando Galvão wrote:
>> Hello guys,
>> I wanted your help to validate if the bird with ospf is running with multi thread.
>> I have a dell r410 server with 2 x56 quad core xeon processors totaling 16 cores.
> 2 x 4 = 8, so for 16 you must have hyperthreading enabled. You may get
> better overall performance for this type of workload with this disabled.

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