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On 3/26/17 10:08 AM, Michael McConnell wrote:
> Hello all,
> We are running into an issue transiting a down stream ASN. E.g. Uplink
> <-> Our ASN <-> Downlink ASN
> To me it seems we should only need to bgp_path.prepend our outbound
> filter, however our uplink is dropping the as path when we run it that way.
> Any suggestions as to what I am missing to carrier a downstream ASN and
> prefixes to our uplinks?

Typically the filters configured on the upstream ASNs router will be
based on prior agreement, or derived (by prior agreement) from a RADB
object, in either case the resulting filter is minimally permissive to
prevent leaks, accidents or hijacking. advertising additional prefixes
or providing transit for a downstream ASNs therefore requires either
coordination or the update of a route object.

> Thanks so much,
> Mike
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