Is there a way to speed up config process?

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I cannot send you the configuration file but your answer turned some lights on and I think I know why it's so slow. We use BIRD for IX route servers and each client has a filter-in applied which then queries RIPE. I suppose those queries are to blame, they take time. 
Is it possible to split the config file into multiple protocol configs and run them side by side on one instance? If yes - would you point me to some resource I can read?

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On Fri, Mar 24, 2017 at 04:43:17PM +0000, Lyubomir Millanov wrote:
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> I was wondering if there is a way to speed up re-configuration process? Right now it takes up to 30+ minutes to run ./config after modifying bird_config_gen.

It should be much faster. Could you send me your configuration file? One possible problem is a static protocol with many routes. If you have huge static protocol, you could make it much faster to split it to many static protocols with several routes.

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