Received: No supported AFI/SAFI

Rwakagabo Janvier janvier.r at
Wed May 2 23:19:30 CEST 2018

Hi All

Can anyone help to understand why this error Received: No supported AFI/SAFI, i am using BIRD 1.4.0 to peer with my neighbours, other sessions are established  except 1 peer with below error (Peer AAA) 

device1  Device   master   up     2017-11-19  
AAA      BGP      master   start  22:24:01    Idle          Received: No supported AFI/SAFI
BBB      BGP      master   up     2017-11-19  Established   
CCC      BGP      master   up     2018-04-16  Established   
DDD      BGP      master   up     2018-04-04  Established  

Below is my configuration sample and it is the same for all peers

filter bgp_in_AAA
prefix set PL_in_AAA;


      if ! (avoid_martians()) then reject;
      if (bgp_path.first != AAA) then reject;
      PL_in_AAA = [ AAA prefixes];
      if net ~ PL_in_AAA then accept;
      else reject;


template bgp PEERS{
local as YYY;
import limit 2000;
export all;
rs client;

protocol bgp AAA from PEERS {
        description "Peer-AAA";
        neighbor a.b.c.d as AAA;
        import filter bgp_in_AAA;


Janvier R.
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