OSPF wireguard fallback

chrono chrono at open-resource.org
Thu May 3 15:36:26 CEST 2018

> PtP should be correct, but it is possible that as wireguard is a new 
> thing,
> it has broken multicast handling. Generally, PtP tunnels should have no
> problems to use multicast - just send everything to the other side.
> But as the tcpdump on one side shows periodic hellos from both sides,
> then it is unlikely to be an issue.

The dumps I've pasted were on both gws and I don't really see it
going through, I only saw the broadcast but never any kind of answer to
it or coming out on the other side, so there still might be an issue.

> Also i saw that your config files do not have 'log' option, so you have
> no logging. You should enable logging and see if there are no error
> messages.

I didn't paste the log options from the conf, they're at the top, but
you're right, I should have enabled debugging as well to get a better

> Although unrelated, i would suggest to remove these OSPF options;
>   tick 2;
>   rfc1583compat yes;

Care to elaborate why? I do trust that you will know better.

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