ROA 2.x

Mikhail Mayorov mm at
Mon May 7 13:35:17 CEST 2018

Hi all!

In version 1.x I used rtconfig for build import/export BGP check.
It was separate files for every protocol included in main config file.

roa4 table isp1_v4 {
roa4 max 24 as 49037;
roa4 max 24 as 49037;
roa4 max 24 as 49037;

And after I use filter:
if roa_check(isp1_v4, net, 1) = ROA_VALID then return true;

Now I find new protocol RPKI, but I don't understand how can add/delete
ROA in table.

Mikhail V. Majorov

Megalink Company, Director of engineering
318, Chehova street, Taganrog, Russia, 347932
tel work: +7 8634 431431 (ext 101)
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