BGP next hop

Arvin Gan AGan at
Wed May 9 09:38:31 CEST 2018

Hi all,
   I notice below description in user guide, my understand is source address mainly used for BGP session for TCP connection ,don't understand why this source is also used as next_hop_addr calculation. If source address is related with next hop calculation, this case is may not support: used MP_REACH_NLRI to support IPV4 route with IPV4 next hop ,but TCP connection type is IPV6. Since to support MP_REACH_NLRI for ipv4 channel, need to enabled ext_next_hop, if enabled ext_next_hop, if  ipv6 source address is selected as next_hop_addr if no others configuration for next_hop_addr. Does my understand is correct ?

    source address ip

Define local address we should use for next hop calculation and as a source address for the BGP session. Default: the address of the local end of the interface our neighbor is connected to.

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