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Mattia Milani mattia.milani at
Mon May 14 22:58:52 CEST 2018

Hello all, i'm having a little problem, (Probabily is somthing so stupid)
but i can't find the solution.

I have this conf file:

log "logTwo.log" all;
router id;

protocol kernel {
  metric 0;
      import all;
      export all;

protocol device {

protocol direct {
  interface "lo";

The pourpose of the deamon that i need is simple, read the route address
that i put in the "lo" interface and put it with the route of the deamon.

i run the conf file with no error.
Then i add a route in the lo interface, for example with this command:

ip a add dev lo

and if i check the address with the commadn "ip addr" i can see it in the
lo interface.

but if i run the command:

birdc show route all

I cannot see the new route address that i just addedd in the "lo" interface

How can i do that?

Thanks to everyone that could help me, it will be so apreciated.

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