Static route bgp_next_hop attribute.

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Tue May 29 13:23:30 CEST 2018

Hi all!

I'm trying to use Bird to announce route with predefined bgp next hop and
to avoid filter manipulation on this route to set next-hop on it. My goal
is to put route configuration into separate include file with fewer lines
as possible.

Relevant part of my config is as follows:

protocol bgp 'test_nbr' {
       local as 65001;
       neighbor as 65002;
       hold time 30;
       multihop 5;
       import all;
       export all;
       next hop keep;

protocol static test {
  route blackhole {
    bgp_next_hop =;

I can see that route has bgp_next_hop attribute with command "show route
bird> show route all     blackhole [test 07:05:07] * (200)
    Type: static unicast univ

But when neighbor receives this announce, it still gets the peer address as
a next-hop. This is debug output at neighbor side:
*May 29 14:05:02.327: BGP(0): rcvd UPDATE w/ attr: nexthop, origin i, merged path 65001, AS_PATH
*May 29 14:05:02.331: BGP(0): rcvd

So, the question is: is there any way to keep bgp_next_hop attribute from
static route into protocol bgp announces?

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