Checking ROA via cli

Darren O'Connor mellow.drifter at
Wed Oct 23 23:31:21 CEST 2019

I recently moved from bird to bird2. I'm currently using it as a backend to, a looking glass.

In order to check the ROA status for a prefix in bird1 I did the following,
and got the following result:

bird> eval roa_check(roa_table,, 701)
(enum 35)0

That enum I just mapped to the correct ROA_ status. However this same
command gives strange output in bird2, sometimes even different when
running it more than once:
bird> eval roa_check(roa_v4,, 701)
   ---          0
??? <2022>

bird> eval roa_check(roa_v4,, 701)
[unknown type 90]

Currently running bird 2.0.5 in this instance. Is there a way to get the
ROA status like this from the CLI like in bird? Also any ideas why the
outputs above are different and seem random?

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