BIRD 2.14

Ondrej Filip feela at
Sat Oct 7 14:10:46 CEST 2023

Dear BIRD users,
we're releasing a new version 2.14. I thank my colleagues for this this.

Version 2.14
   o MPLS subsystem
   o L3VPN: BGP/MPLS VPNs (RFC 4364)
   o BGP: Access to unknown route attributes
   o RAdv: Custom options
   o Babel: RTT metric extension
   o BMP: Refactored route monitoring
   o BMP: Multiple instances of BMP protocol
   o BMP: Both pre-policy and post-policy monitoring
   o Experimental route aggregation
   o Filter: Method framework
   o Filter: Functions have return type statements
   o Filter: New bytestring data type
   o Kernel: Option to learn kernel routes
   o Many bugfixes and improvements


User-defined filter functions that return values now should have 
return type statements. We still accept functions without such 
statement, if they could be properly typed.

For loops allowed to use both existing iterator variables or ones 
defined in the for statement. We no longer support the first case, all 
iterator variables must be defined in the for statement (e.g. 'for int 
i in bgp_path ...').

Due to oversight, VRF interfaces were not included in respective VRFs, 
this is fixed now.

Happy routing!


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