Neighbor state remains in exchange or loading

Vonlanthen, Elmar Elmar.Vonlanthen at
Thu Dec 3 08:22:34 CET 2009

Hello all

Could someone explain me, what is the reason a neighbor state remains in exchange or loading?
On the neighbor himself, the state is in full.

If I dump the traffic, I see these LS packets again and again:
08:11:42.636071 IP > OSPFv2, LS-Request, length: 36
08:11:42.637017 IP > OSPFv2, LS-Update, length: 244
08:11:42.640274 IP > OSPFv2, LS-Ack, length: 44

Where can I search for reason? Is the request or the update packet wrong? Or could it be a bird internal problem?

I am using bird 1.1.6. Normally everything is working fine. The problem happens sometimes after bird restart.
If necessary I could provide more information about the whole configuration.

Thanks für any explanation.

Best regards
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