Neighbor state remains in exchange or loading

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On Thu, Dec 03, 2009 at 08:22:34AM +0100, Vonlanthen, Elmar wrote:
> Hello all
> Could someone explain me, what is the reason a neighbor state remains in exchange or loading?
> On the neighbor himself, the state is in full.
> If I dump the traffic, I see these LS packets again and again:
> 08:11:42.636071 IP > OSPFv2, LS-Request, length: 36
> 08:11:42.637017 IP > OSPFv2, LS-Update, length: 244
> 08:11:42.640274 IP > OSPFv2, LS-Ack, length: 44 is the side that reports a neighbor state in exchange or loading?

Switching from loading to full should be done when side empties its LS-request
list (lsrql neighbor field). So there are three basic possibilities for problems:

1) LS-request list contains some garbage.

2) the other side sent just some subset in LS-Update.

3) the other side sent all request LSAs in LS-Update, but some are thrown away
in LSA update processing.

Perhaps the best thing would be to use debugging dumps in
ospf_lsreq_send() (lsreq.c:66, DBG("Requesting ...)
and in ospf_lsupd_receive() (lsupd.c:413, DBG("Update Type:  ...)
to see what was requested and what was received.

One way to not lost in tons of debug messages it to not enable it, just replace
DBG("xxx", yyy) with log(L_WARN "xxx", yyy) for interesting debug messages.

Elen sila lumenn' omentielvo

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