Source Address Dependent Routing for BIRD

Toke Høiland-Jørgensen toke at
Mon Mar 6 11:40:02 CET 2017

Dean <dluga93 at> writes:

> There is already an implementation for that here
> (, if you want to check. I think this supports
> both IPV6_SUBTREES and policy routing, not sure.

I meant for the Bird Babel implementation. And yeah, that was what I was
referring to with policy routing:)

> And I encountered another problem with IPV6_SUBTREES yesterday. Having
> source constrained routes and normal routes in the same routing table
> leads to unintended behavior. In my case, the normal route was
> ignored. If I had both a normal route and a source constrained route
> (with a wrong source address) in the table, it automatically returned
> a Network Unreachable, ignoring the normal route which should have
> worked.

Hmm, I have been running babeld with source-specific routes for quite
some time and never run into this problem. Are you sure you didn't botch
the netlink calls? ;)


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