[PATCH,RFC 0/3] Secondary remote AS support for protocol BGP.

Lennert Buytenhek buytenh at wantstofly.org
Thu Mar 9 15:28:46 CET 2017


These patches implement a way of simplifying BGP topology migrations
that involve changing AS numbers on one or both ends of BGP sessions.

The first patch allows a BGP peer to connect to us using either of
two different AS numbers specified in our local config.  (See the commit
message for that patch for more details.)

The second patch fixes what I think is a reconfiguration bug for
protocol BGP and is in the stack mainly because of patch three.

The third patch avoids bouncing a BGP session when reconfiguring
its BGP protocol if all we're changing is adding a secondary remote
AS to the protocol or changing one of two remote AS numbers that is
not currently being advertised by the peer.  (Again, see the commit
message for that patch for more details.)  

Any feedback appreciated!  And even if you happen not to like patch
3, I hope that you'd still be willing to consider patch 1 (and 2).


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