Revalidating RPKI

Darren O'Connor mellow.drifter at
Tue Oct 22 05:51:56 CEST 2019

I was reading the documentation for bird2 when I came across this:
You can validate routes (RFC 6483) using function roa_check() in filter and
set it as import filter at the BGP protocol. BIRD should re-validate all of
affected routes after RPKI update by RFC 6811, but we don't support it yet!
You can use a BIRD's client command reload in bgp_protocol_name for manual
call of revalidation of all routes.

Is there a rough timeline for when bird2 will correct re-validate affected
routes? As I run multiple table, is the best thing to simply run a cronjob
telling bird 'reload in all' a few times a day until that support is added?

The second item is this:
We currently support just one cache server per protocol. However you can
define more RPKI protocols generally.

This doesn't seem true though, as I have two cache servers configured for
both ipv4 and ipv6 and it seems to be fine?

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